Books by Robert J. Davis

Fitter Faster by Robert J Davis

Fitter Faster

The Smart Way to Get in Shape
in Just Minutes a Day

“This book eliminates all the excuses and obstacles to getting in shape.”  — Joe Decker, “World’s Fittest Man,” Guinness World Record Holder

Award-winning health journalist Robert J. Davis and celebrity fitness trainer Brad Kolowich, Jr. show you how to get fit in a fraction of the time – without ever setting foot in a gym.

Coffee is Good For You by Robert J Davis

Coffee Is Good For You

From Vitamin C and Organic Foods to Low-Carb and Detox Diets, The Truth About Diet and Nutrition Claims

“A must-read for anyone who’s ever wondered whether or not to believe the hype.”  — Lisa “Hungry Girl” Lillien

Confused by diet and nutrition advice? Award-winning health journalist Robert J. Davis cuts through the clutter to reveal what’s believable and what’s not in a fun and easily-digestible way.

Healthy Skeptic Book Cover

The Healthy Skeptic

Cutting through the HYPE about Your Health

“A must-read companion that will help you learn what is truly worth pursuing in the interest of better health.”  — Dr. Dean Edell

It happens every day: we pick up a newspaper or magazine or turn on the television and are bombarded with urgent advice about how to stay healthy. Lose weight! Lower your cholesterol! Early detection saves lives! Sunscreen prevents cancer! But in many cases, pronouncements we rarely think to question turn out to be half-truths that are being pushed by various individuals or groups to advance their own agendas. The Healthy Skeptic explores who these health promoters are—from journalists and celebrities to industry-funded groups and consumer activists—what their motives are, and how they are spinning us in ways we often don’t realize.